notecaddy screens
NoteCaddy is the most efficient way to have all the information about your opponents available during your sessions. If you play online poker, you are probably familiar with the concept of a heads up display (HUD). A HUD can list a large number of statistics and give you some idea of how someone plays through quantitative data. NoteCaddy takes this several steps further by delivering qualitative data to you in an unobtrusive yet easily accessible way.

NoteCaddy is a software application that works with Holdem Manager 2. If you’re not familiar with this application, it is strongly recommended that you read about it so you have the foundation to use NoteCaddy.

Automatic Notes the way you want them

NoteCaddy Premium has over 200 definitions available via the Definition Digest. Each definition produces a unique note for a player. Some of the popular examples include notes about how players behave when holding draws and what types of hands they open limp with pre flop. However, nobody has time to read the wall of text that hundreds of notes creates while playing multiple tables.

The popup shown above is what appears when hovering over someone's VP$IP stat. As you can see on the bottom, there are three automatic notes that tell me about this player's limping and cold calling tendencies. Beyond just numbers, I see actual hands that were played by this player as well as how these hands are ranked on an absolute scale (general strength). For detailed information on how to read a NoteCaddy note, please see how to read a NoteCaddy note. Any note can be added to any popup.

Deadly Bet Sizing Tells

In addition to its unique hand ranking system (general strength), NoteCaddy sees what every player does in every hand. This information can be presented to you in an easy to read format known as CaddyScatter

This simple graph tells you the correlation between a player's bet sizes and how strong his hand is. If you see someone bet larger than the pot, maybe his range is different than when he bets half pot. If he's done it before, CaddyScatter will tell you!

Instant Exploitability via Badges

It is difficult to identify tendencies in a player that can easily be exploited. NoteCaddy makes it easy with badges. As customizable as any part of NoteCaddy, the default badges tell you when a player does something significantly different than the average player you've faced. Different could mean more often, less often, more profitably, or with a stronger hand range. This is one of the most popular NoteCaddy features and is being used by many high stakes players to frustrate and dominate their peers!

Recommended Notes that Don't Require Typing

Often times when you notice a player do something "out of line" at the table you will want to make a note on what he did. Typing it out is tedious and can distract from the action at other tables. To make this easier, NoteCaddy includes Cyborg Notes