The installation will only work if you've purchased the pack

download link:

If you open NoteCaddy in HM2 it should prompt you to install this pack which makes this process easier

Thank you very much for purchasing a NoteCaddy Edge Package! We hope you love this package! - Skype: notecaddy.edge


*If updating: First Make Inactive and Delete your old NCE Color and Note Definitions.*

1. Restart HoldemManager2 and Run NoteCaddy.
2. Choose Yes to install your package.
3. Choose Yes to reset your notes when you're asked.
4. Edit your settings in NoteCaddy / File / Settings to how you’d prefer them. In your desktop folder “NoteCaddy Coaching Pack Files” you may find a file named “Recommended Note Settings” which can help guide you.
5. Click the Start tab at the top left of NoteCaddy and click “Create notes for unprocessed hands based on active definitions”

Now your NoteCaddy Definitions are imported into NoteCaddy, and your notes are being created. You should notice on your desktop you have a new folder named “NoteCaddy Coaching Pack Files”. This folder contains all of your HUDs and documentation. I recommend to go through this documentation.

LAST STEP (Importing HUDS)
- Import your HUD .xml files into HM2 / HUD Settings / Import. Choose Yes to replace the popup files.

If you have any troubles you can send an email to or reach us on Skype (notecaddy.edge)