The installation will only work if you've purchased the pack

If you open NoteCaddy in HM2 it should prompt you to install this pack which makes this process easier

Full tutorial/features:

Extract the files from the zip and place them in any folder. Do not install it into NoteCaddy like other packs via tools->import coaching pack. If NoteCaddy prompts you to do so, click no. Execute DefinitionLocker.exe and point it to the definitions you want to lock. You can find the customers' HM2 license code easily by having them click help->about NoteCaddy in the NoteCaddy screen in HM2. That exact code is what is required.

If you are going to filter by blind and/or tournament buy-in then you should also block edit, otherwise users can change the maximum big blind themselves.

You can place the N2D files along with HM2 exported HUD configurations, png/gif files used in badges, ColorDefinitions.xml and any other file in a zip file and then users can import it via tools->import coaching pack. This is highly recommended as it will move the png/gif files into a special folder and redirect any references to them. That way if you have a note/color definition that uses a custom image as a badge, the user's NoteCaddy will automatically make changes to that definition to use the right image. Also, pdf files with documentation and HM2 HUD configs will be moved to the user's desktop so they are easily located and/or imported. You need to put all the files in the root of the zip. Using any folders whatsoever will cause the import to fail and possibly HM2 to crash.