The installation will only work if you've purchased the pack

download link:

If you open NoteCaddy in HM2 it should prompt you to install this pack which makes this process easier

Thank you for using the AJackson Advantage Dynamic NoteCaddy Coaching Package!

To make sure it works perfect, it’s IMPORTANT that you follow these steps:

Use PostgreSQL version 8.4 or 9.5. 8.4 is HM2 default. 9.5 has a little better performance for NoteCaddy and the HUD.If you don't know what PostgreSQL is you'll be ok.

Inactivate your current NoteCaddy definitions if you don't plan to keep using them.

Open up NoteCaddy. Accept the installation of the coaching package when NoteCaddy prompts you to do so. Alternatively you can click the link in this e-mail and import the downloaded file via Tools -> Import -> Import Coaching Package in NoteCaddy. All new definitions, badges and NoteCaddy settings will automatically be applied and note creation will automatically start. There should be a folder with Coaching Package files created on your desktop.

Import the AJackson Advantage HUD in Holdem Manager 2. In Holdem Manager 2 go to ‘HUD Settings’, and choose import. Select the file ‘AJA HUD’ which can be found in the NoteCaddy Coaching folder on your desktop and click OK. You can assign our HUD to your tables in the tab ‘Site Options’.

For best performance it's advised you follow the steps outlined in the 'NoteCaddy Performance Guide' in the NoteCaddy Coaching folder on your desktop. This requires a reset of notes, so you might want to abort the note creation to make sure you do this first. The steps in this document are also the 1st thing to try if you experience any kind of problem. It might be a bit of work, but it enhances the user experience greatly.

For a full overview of AJackson Advantage’s features you can consult the HUD & Badge documentation in the folder on your desktop. An introductory video can be watched here: There are other AJA HUD videos on that youtube channel.

Video guide to Stars HUDs:
New Behavioral Stats:

Allow Note creation to finish. Your HUD won't show stats or badges until note creation completes on your initial hand import.

You are ready to play!

Please contact us at if you have any questions or want to upgrade your stake package.

I also do some staking. Our primary interest is 25NL-100NL SHNL players with good volume, reputation and at least slightly winning results. We offer comprehensive coaching and so far our results have phenomenal. Many of our players don't need stakes but with the coaching and possibility of playing higher it's a win/win for both.

Pokermetrics is a data driven analysis for SHNL that I've spent the past 3 years developing.

If you would like someone to complete the steps outlined in the NoteCaddy Performance Guide or customize your HUD (we can attach all of our stats, badges and range graphs to your HUD or customized the included HUD) you can contact Lukas Kuehn skype: gotown3d. He's $45/hour and very fast.

Feedback is really helpful and we'd be appreciative of feedback added in our 2+2 thread:

Good luck at the tables!

Alan Jackson