The installation will only work if you've purchased the pack

If you open NoteCaddy in HM2 it should prompt you to install this pack which makes this process easier

Thank you for purchasing the ProPokerHUDs Elite MTT HUD!


Video Instructions

1. Deactivate all existing NoteCaddy definitions that you don't plan to use. Deactivate and Delete your old ProPokerHUDs Colour and Note Definitions if you are upgrading.

2. Restart Holdem Manager 2 and Run NoteCaddy.

3. Choose Yes to install your package.

4. Choose Yes to reset your notes when asked.

5. Configure HUD Settings. Click for recommended settings.

6. Configure NoteCaddy Settings. Click for recommended settings.

7. Click the Start tab at the top left of NoteCaddy and click "Create notes for unprocessed hands based on active definitions".

8. Go to HM2 >> HUD Settings >> Import and import the HUD (*.xml) files from "NoteCaddy Coaching Pack Files" folder that has been created on your desktop. Choose Yes to replace the pop-up files.

9. Copy AutoRate *.xml files to HM2 system folder. Click for instructions (Scroll to second page on PDF).

Congratulations! You are now set up with the ProPokerHUDs MTT HUD.

ProPokerHuds is a collaboration between a team of professional poker players and programming experts dedicated to creating the most innovative and effective poker HUD solutions possible.

This HUD has been developed by Michael Acevedo. Michael has a Six Sigma certification in process improvement and applied many of the concepts to the development of this HUD. He is also an MTT coach at PocketFives and Pocarr. Check out his streams on PocketFives Twitch channel to see the HUD in live action. For advanced HUD coaching, contact him at

For more information visit or contact us at