Unleash the full potential of your HUD

NoteCaddy can automatically take notes on just about any scenario. Now an HM-App, the notes can be displayed using CaddySpark technology that allows you to understand ranges in an instant. The definition digest contains hundreds of pre-made scripts but if you have your own ideas you can easily script them. NoteCaddy also allows you to automatically color code players in the PokerStars client.
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Improve your soul reading skills

To win at poker requires two things: know what range of cards your opponent has and how he is likely to react to different actions. Perfecting these skills in a game of incomplete information is incredibly difficult. RängeMeister aims to make it easier by allowing you to run simulations that give you hand ranges, equities, and likely reactions based on the data in your own database.
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Definition Digest

Definitions for the people

Some players know exactly what they want to take notes on and enjoy spending the hours to script it. For everyone else, there is the definition digest. Here you can download hundreds of NoteCaddy definitions that can be used to generate all kinds of notes. Searching for different scenarios is made easy so make sure to check it out!
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