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Compared to a standard Holdem Manager configuration, NCE 3.0 Cash PRO contains many valuable statistics. Thanks to it, you can find player pool leaks to exploit. A NCE 3.0 database allows you to see some habitual behaviors of your opponents.

For instance, when the Big Blind calls a Button raise and the action goes Check-Check on Flop, Check-Check on Turn, and BB Checks the River - on average the BB is folding to a River bet 76% of the time. We can very profitably bet any two here, and should be betting as a bluff quite often.

Column Chooser Example


A lot of thought went into the way these Popups were designed. Many stats correlate with each other, and with these popups, the placement of their statistics is going to help you find all the relevant information you need in a given situation.

The popups have been made in situational categories. For example, when someone has called your Preflop raise from OOP, and you want to see his tendencies in this situation, you can bring up the "OOP Caller (SRP)" Popup. Now you have the information needed to help you play your hand the most exploitatively to increase your bottom line.


Link to Full Album of NCE 3.0 Cash Popups:


When you don’t have time to go into a Popup to find information, there is a different solution. Badges are incredibly helpful to show leaks which you can exploit in a split second. They’ll help you plan your hand, and make you more unpredictable.

As an example, in the screenshot below you can see the person has the Yellow “SB” Badge with the Yellow and Green boxes at the top of it. This badge shows both 1) How often he folds to a 3Bet in the Small Blind and 2) How often he folds to a CBet after calling a 3Bet in the Small Blind. Since the left box is Yellow, we know that he has a normal tendency (Green = High, Yellow = Normal, Red = Low) to fold to 3Bets in the Small Blind, and when he does call a 3Bet here, he has a high tendency to fold to a Flop CBet. We can expand our 3Betting range versus this person when he raises out of the Small Blind to exploit him.

3.0 PRO Badges

Link to Badges Explained:


NCE 3.0 Cash PRO HUDs are engineered to work effectively to give a mass of critical information, while also being easy to use. Much thought has went into the design and layout of these HUDs. It doesn’t take long to get comfortable with these HUDs and when you do, you will notice what a great advantage you have.

With all of this information placed in a logical way, it’s easy to get a good grasp on an opponent. The most often used relevant stats are right there in front of you. When you’re using this HUD effectively you can play many tables without giving up EV, thus leading to more money in your pocket.


Link to HUD Explained:

NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash PRO is fully customizable, so you can change any part of the package to exactly how you like it. Made with high standards of quality control and attention to detail you can expect from us. It also has optimized performance so that you can run the package smoothly on your computer.

Every variation of NoteCaddy Edge 3.0 Cash includes documents and videos to show you how to use the package efficiently, with ongoing updates and support to help with any questions you may have.

14 Day Refund Period from the date of your first purchase of the package

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Differences Between 3.0 and 3.0 PRO

  • 3.0 PRO has around 500 more Note Definitions used throughout its HUDs, Popups, and Badges.

  • 3.0 PRO has Advanced HUDs.

  • 3.0 PRO has Popup stats grouped into more specific positional situations.

  • 3.0 PRO has more Badges.

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