Power HUD

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What is the Power HUD?

The Power HUD is not a traditional HUD, it’s a new kind of HUD. Thanks to NoteCaddy’s General Strength feature, the Power HUD goes beyond using traditional statistical HUD numbers to show extremely useful data. The Power HUD stats expose a person's Average Strength Compared to Database Averages, rather than frequencies.


What does this Package contain?

This package contains the Power HUD and the NoteCaddy Definitions required to make it function. There are 81 NoteCaddy Note Definitions and 1 NoteCaddy Color Definition.


Does a Purchase Include Free Updates?

Yes, updates for this package are included at no extra cost for a single purchase (no recurring payments). If/when NoteCaddy is available for PokerTracker4 and HoldemManager3, users who purchase the Power HUD will get these versions free as well. The package will not expire.


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