AJA Holdem Dynamic

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The AJackson Advantage Dynamic Cash Game HUD

For more information: AJackson Advantage

System requirements:

We recommend the following to run our Dynamic HUD:
- Quadcore+ i5+ 2.8GHz+ processor

While a number of players have the Dynamic HUD working in fast-fold type games it does require a fairly high end system and may take more work tweaking your system to get good performance. We're happy to provide a trial version so you can test your system. If you system can't handle the Dynamic package we recommend the Premium Package.

Your HM2 License Code can be retrieved via Help -> About NoteCaddy from within NoteCaddy.

For Pokerstars/FullTilt players:

Stars has new third party software rules which limits our features. You will not have range graphs or badges on your live Stars and Fulltilt table. You can still see that information in the replayer for study purposes. If you play other sites you will have all the features even when playing on Stars at the same time.

For Stars and FullTilt players I have an alternative HUD. You can email me at AJA@NoteCaddy.com for details. The HUD is still a very powerful tool.

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