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What is Notecaddy Pro.Tools CAP?

Collection of definitions/stats and pop-ups.
Collection of stats/definitions and popups for playing on CAP tables. Package are adapted for play with 20bb stack size and based on preflop/postflop betsizing and actions on different textures of boards.

Pack/collection composition:

Pop-ups: 15
vsHero statistics: 97 stats
Preflop: 66 stats
Single raised pots (SRP): 256 stats
3bet: 100 stats
Positional stats and limp pots BTN/SB/BB: 182 stats
Other statistics: 164 + stats
Badges/Informers: 22 indicators

Total amount: 1680 definitions

Popups for Pro.Tools CAP
(*) total number of pup-ups: 15

Features of package Pro.Tools CAP

- Betsizings in popups are based on research of limit CAP400/600
- 3bet and 3betPush are separated
- Advanced game statistics vsHero: 3bets/3betPush IP OOP, Steal/StealPush BTN vs SB and BB

Notecaddy Pro.Tools CAP – required stats for the post-flop game, and the new, easy-to-use quality pop-ups.


$150: CAP any limits

pop-ups review: ProTools_Popups_CAP.pdf


skype: Notecaddy.ProTools

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