Notecaddy Pro.Tools Spin&GO/HU SNG

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What is Notecaddy ProTools Spin&GO / SNG HU ?

HUD for Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, pop-ups with advanced statistics.

ProTools Spin&GO / SNG HU – package is designed taking into account specifics and features of Spin&GO and HU SNG tournaments, it includes all new features of Notecaddy to display information on opponents, and also stats and customizable popups that help better understand the opponents and their gameplay.

Popups provide detailed statistics, preflop and postflop ranges, including visual information in the form of a preflop ranges matrix.
Package includes two HUDs for Spin&GO and HU SNG.


Features list of package:

• Two HUDs for Spin&GO and HU SNG
• Limp pot gameplay
• vsHero game stats allow to see the opponent's gameplay against you, as well as you play against him.
• Detailed statistics with various effective stacks
Heat Maps option: when hovering over the preflop stat, a popup shows a matrix with the range.

• Statistics of postflop in HeadsUp and Multipots are separated (Pop-ups for Spin&GO)
• Bet&Win block of stats in HUD and pop-up Showdown, which allows to see which betsizing is used on river for value and bluffs.

Popups examples Spin&GO:

Total number of pop-ups: 12

Popups examples HU SNG:

Total number of pop-ups: 9

Package/collection composition:

HUD for Spin&GO
Pop-ups Spin&GO: 12 items
Pop-ups HU: 9 items

Statistics vsHero: 120 stats
PreFlop: 66 stats
Single Raised Pots: 230 stats
3bet pots: 114 stats
Other statistics: 160+ stats
Total amount: 695 definitions

Additional information about package
Pro.Tools Spin&GO / HU SNG

• Two HUDs for Spin&GO and HU SNG
• The betsizings in popups are based on researches of HU SNG buy-in $200 game field
• 3bet and 3bet Push are separated
• Detailed statistics for preflop actions, depending on the stack size
• Package can be used to analyze one’s own gameplay

Pop-ups review: ProTools_Spin-HU.pdf

Notecaddy Pro.Tools Spin&GO / HU SNG – it is a convenient HUD and advanced statistics for postflop gameplay.


$75: Holdem/Omaha any limits


skype: Notecaddy.ProTools

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