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Designed for advanced tournament players, the ProPokerHUDs Advanced MTT HUD has everything a serious tournament player will need. Optimized 3 panel design and custom popups will show the most relevant information in an intuitive way to help you make the best possible decisions, gain an edge and destroy the competition.

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Optimized design

Maximum amount of information displayed in the minimum space possible. Original 3 panel design with 13 Special MTT/SNG HUD Stats + 7 exclusive color coded tokens system.


Custom AutoRate Rules for 6-Max and Full Ring

The custom AutoRate rules help identify players by quickly analysing their statistics. Based on villains tendencies the HUD border color will automatically change.


Detailed custom notes and popups

80 custom note definitions. 22 cutting edge popups to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the decision making process while multitabling, including the exclusive All-in 3Bet and Non-Allin 3Bet popups, CBet, DonkBet/vsDonkBet, Raise/Check Raise, vs 3Bet, vs Aggressor IP/OOP, BvB, vs Steal and many more.

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Special features

The popups will include many significant notes that will describe the most important player tendencies, sizing tells, positional dynamics and vs Hero stats, along with a detailed description, ranges, and many NoteCaddy special features like spark graphs, range distribution graphs, heat maps, overview of the last five hands that generated the notes and the replayer button to replay the specific hands that created the notes.

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Additional benefits

  • Lifetime of free updates
  • Comprehensive PDF manual included
  • ProPokerHUDs customer support

More information

Looking for something even more advanced? Check out the Elite version.

If you have any questions or suggestions, message us at or @ProPokerHUDs on Twitter.

Both versions of the HUD come with a 15-day free trial.

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