Notecaddy Pro.Tools Heads-Up PLO

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What is Notecaddy ProTools Heads-Up PLO?

HUDs and collection of popups with advanced statistics for Heads-Up OMAHA

Notecaddy ProTools Heads-Up PLO- Package includes two HUDs: Compact "HUD #2 Lite" and Detailed "HUD #1" completed with statistics vsHero and actions with different betsizing preflop raiser and caller.

HUD #1:
HUD #2 Lite:

Features list of package:

Two HUDs for Heads-Up (Differences: in Lite version there are no vsHero stats and fold to cbets and folds to raises with different bet sizes)

Three colors of popups: Bright, Dark and Grey
• Detailed statistics of postflop gameplay

• Actions on different board texture (Single raised pots and 3bet pots)
• Preflop and postflop stats in DeepStacks (180bbvs180bb+)
• Displaying ranges from below popups (Donk, Raise, X/Raise and others)
• Stats for limp pots

• Statistics of Preflop betsizes: Fold to Steal, Fold to 3bet with different betsizes of steal
• Statistics of folds to cbet with different betsizes
• Statistics of folds to raise with different betsizes

• Stats of gameplay vs Hero (Blue stats)
• Stats that shows how you play against this opponent, that mean how he see you (Red stats (HeroStats))
• Stats of winning at showdown (WTSD) in Single Raised Pots, 3bet/4bet pots and Deepstacks

• Stats that shows wins at showdown with different lines on postflop (Pink stats: % Wins at Showdown). Popups Caller, PFR for single raised pots and 3bet pots
• Block Bet&Win in HUD and popup ShowDown: stats Bet&Win allows you to see what betsizes your opponents use for bluffs and value bets. Pink stats shows wins with different betsizes

• Stats that shows on what sizes opponents folds more often or call more often
• Popups Winrate added stats with Hero winnings against this opponents

Examples of popups:
Total amount: 8 popups

Other colors of popups (dark and grey colors)


Group of badges that show number of leaks/exploits on postflop for Preflop raiser(PFR), Caller IP/OOP and for 3bet pots:

..... - Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raiser in position (PFR IP)
..... - Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raiser out of position (PFR OOP)
..... - Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raise in position (Caller IP)
..... - Number of leaks/exploits of preflop raise out of position (Caller OOP)
- Badges for 3bet pots

Group of badges for classification of opponents by aggression and a profit on postflop:
- PFR/Preflop raiser: High aggression and High Profit
- PFR/Preflop raiser: High aggression and Low Profit
- PFR/Preflop raiser: Low aggression and Low Profit
- Caller: High Profit
- Caller: Low Profit
- Badges for 3bet pots

Collection composition:

HUD: NC-PRO-HU (with vsHero Stats)
NC-PRO-HU_Lite (without vsHero Stats)
Popups: 8 (3 colors: bright/dark/grey)
Stats vsHero: 50+
Preflop stats: 70+
Single raired pot: 120+ stats
3bet/4bet/DeepStack pots: 100+ stats
Other statistics: 164 + stats
Badges/Informers: 16

Total amouns: 585 stats/definitions

Notecaddy Pro.Tools Heads-Up PLO – it is a convenient HUD and advanced statistics for postflop gameplay.


Skype: Text/Voice
Teamviewer: Helping with installation and setup Notecaddy

Will be glad to answer any questions on Skype


$75: Omaha any limits


skype: Notecaddy.ProTools

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