NoteCaddy Edge Cash 2.0

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NoteCaddy Edge Cash 2.0 comes with everything you need:
15 Day Free Trial – No Credit Card Required! Check out screenshots and more at! Users with an active NCE 2.0 License get as many free stats as they want from for 2016!

-More than 3000 Note Definitions placed throughout the HUD versions with 20 amazing positional Popups.

-HUDs included which are specifically designed to work great with PokerStars/Full Tilt.

-HUDs included which use all the features of NoteCaddy (not designed for PokerStars/Full Tilt).

-High Resolution HUDs included (designed for screen resolutions higher than 1080p).

-2 different colors of Popups to choose from, Black or White.

-Stamps (very small images) on the HUDs to help display mass amounts of information in a small area.

-60 super important Badges which show when someone has a big leak worth exploiting.

-HUD Stats, Stamps, & Badges automatically switch to “vsHero” when you have enough history with your opponent.

-Fully configurable and customizable. Use parts of the package on your own HUD, customize, or add-on to the NoteCaddy Edge HUDs.

-Documentation and videos to show you how it all works.

-Ongoing new video content released regularly.

-Free, quality live support for anything HM2, NoteCaddy, or NoteCaddy Edge related.

-Free remote installation if requested.

-Free updates to this package.

-Access to the NoteCaddy Edge private forum.

-Suggestions are taken seriously and implemented regularly at a rapid rate.

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